Heuristic Evaluation can be defined as those rule of thumb processes that allow designers to thoroughly assess product Interface and experience in order to detect usability issues that may occur when users interact with a product and determine possible solutions to them.

The heuristic evaluation process is conducted against…

A Company has reached out for us to create a solution to aid their users who order food online. Using the design thinking approach, how can we create the solution.

Having previously stated the design thinking processes

Let’s get started with the first process.


At this stage, we try to…

Meaning and processes.


Design thinking is the cognitive and strategic approach used for developing design ideas and creative problem solving. It is fundamentally a user-centric, focusing on humans, their behavior, their goals their needs and an iterative approach to solving (complex) problems.


First, I would like to state that these…


Have you ever clicked on or typed a URL (a link), but instead of getting the desired result, an error message that reads ‘404 not found’ or ‘page not found’ pops up instead?, …

Planfit app design — A UI/ UX Case Study.

Solving my first UX design challenge.


When people decide to get fit, lose weight or simply time up their body, gyms are perhaps the first place to come to mind. To achieve effective results, gym trainers would have to create workout plans for their clients.

The Design Challenge.

The personal trainers industry has…

C Emmanuel Onyema

C Emmanuel Onyema is a user centered product designer and developer in beta, a physiology student at Nnamdi Azikiwe University.

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